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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

It's Back! Filipino World War II Veterans Parole Program

Trump-era Cancellation of FWVP Has Been Reversed

After announcing in 2019 that the program would be terminated, USCIS has announced the Filipino World War II Veterans Parole Program (FWVP) will continue.

The FWVP Program became effective June 8, 2016 and presents a parole option for certain beneficiaries of petitions filed by Filipino WWII veterans or their surviving spouses.  The purpose of this generous program is to allow eligible beneficiaries to be in the United States with their aging parents while waiting for their priority dates to become current.

The program is carefully crafted to ensure parole eligibility for the sons or daughters of WWII veterans.  Under the FWVP Program, the following petitioner/beneficiary combinations are eligible for parole:

--Petition filed by a veteran (still living) for a son or daughter.

--Petition filed by a veteran (now deceased) for a son or daughter, if the veteran has a surviving spouse (and petition reinstated).

--Petition filed by a surviving spouse, for a son or daughter of the veteran.

--Petition filed by veteran or surviving spouse (both now deceased), for a son or daughter of the veteran (and petition reinstated).

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