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Friday, June 9, 2017

Huge July Advance in EB-3 Philippines and EB-3 India Final Action Dates

The 2017 July Visa Bulletin brought exciting news for many in the Employment-based 3rd category for the Philippines and India.

Final Action Dates for the Philippines advanced 12 1/2 months from the May 1, 2013 cutoff date in June to May 15, 2014 in July.

India also made a large jump, advancing 9 months from the May 15, 2005 cutoff date in June to February 15, 2006 in July.

Please click here if you would like a detailed explanation of how to read the monthly Visa Bulletin, and the terms used here.

Remember, Priority Dates are sometimes subject to fluctuations.  Although these dates have advanced for July, it is always possible these Priority Dates will regress in August or September if the demand for visas is July is higher than expected.

For Those with Applications for Permanent Residence Already Pending:

Hundreds of Filipinos were able to file their residence applications in early 2015 and have just been waiting since then for their Priority Date to become current.  The same for Indian nationals, who filed their applications in 'the glitch of 2007'.  This July advance in the cutoff date will enable USCIS to approve many of those cases.  With most of these already-filed applications, you can expect you and your attorney to receive a request from USCIS for items necessary to complete your case. 

The most commonly requested documents are an updated medical exam and a job offer verification letter from your employer.  While it is important to respond to the request from USCIS quickly, it is equally important to not send these items until requested.  For my clients, I will be obtaining the appropriate job letters from the employer and will inform you if a new medical exam will be required.

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