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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

No TPS for The Philippines Based Solely On Haiyan

I though I was finished discussing the hope of TPS for the Philippines.  The possibility of TPS ended in early June.

Yet, over the weekend, I received an email asking for “support” and a “donation” to keep pushing the U.S. government to grant TPS to the Philippines.

As much as I wished TPS to be granted, the Philippines will not get TPS based on Typhoon Haiyan.

But as I sit here watching live coverage of Typhoon Rammasun skirting Metro Manila, I remember the circumstances in other countries before they were granted TPS.  The cumulative effect of multiple occurrences may also be a consideration when bestowing TPS.

El Salvador suffered a substantial earthquake, but TPS was not granted until a second, lesser quake struck.  Haiti was pummeled by several major storms, but it was the later earthquake that triggered TPS.  While a single disastrous event may raise the possibility of TPS, subsequent catastrophes while still recovering from the first may cause reconsideration of TPS.

Heaven forbid the Philippines is struck with another serious calamity, and for that reason I hope to never see the Philippines need TPS, yet with the country’s propensity towards natural disasters, TPS in the Philippines’ future is never really out of the question.

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