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Monday, April 28, 2014

How We Keep Quality High with Reasonable Fees

I never thought I would have to explain this, but I was just "lectured" by someone who believes people equate higher attorney fees with better legal advice.  I think people are smarter than that, but anyway...

This office was founded for only two purposes, and every attorney and staff member understands this:  We are here to provide for our own families and to help our clients.  It is that simple.

Our fee structure is the result of lower operating costs in the Midwest, and, more importantly, by operating an extremely efficient office capable of routinely handling a high volume of cases without any reduction in quality or personal service.  You can pay more, but that does not mean you will get better immigration advice.  Simply put, we serve a lot of people.  We do not have to charge the higher fees that would be needed to achieve the same income with a smaller client base.

Everyone at Austin & Ferguson, LLC is aware of the importance of the work they do and take personal satisfaction in being able to help our clients achieve their goals.  Often, those goals greatly improve their lives.  This work is rewarding and we wish to help as many people as we can.  We keep our fees reasonable so everyone can have access to good immigration advice.

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