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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Benefits of TPS for the Philippines

TPS is a powerful benefit.  To those that apply and are eligible, they are
protected from being deported from the United States, can obtain unlimited
employment authorization and can receive permission to leave and return to
the U.S. for urgent or emergency travel.

For Filipinos not in a legal status, this is an amazing law.  TPS can fill
the time gap while waiting for a family petition to become available, and
even allow for travel to and back from the Philippines in some cases!  For
those currently in some other nonimmigrant status, TPS may be used for
additional job opportunities or to bridge gaps in status while waiting for
your employment-based immigrant priority date to be current.  BUT CAUTION-
You should first understand the risks of TPS benefits before making any
decisions regarding TPS applications!

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