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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

USCIS Allows Early Permanent Residence Filings!

Beginning October 1st, USCIS will allow many applicants to file for permanent residence before their priority date is current! 

This exceptional change means that applicants (and their derivative family members!) can now get the extra benefits available to those with an Application for Permanent Residence pending, such as travel and employment authorization.

From the October Visa Bulletin for the Philippines:

                        Actual                    File for Permanent 
Category        Priority Date         if Priority Date Before:

FB1                 Jun 1,2001                 Sep 1, 2005

FB2A              Apr 15, 2014             Mar 1, 2015

FB2B              Oct 1, 2004                Jan 1, 2005

FB3                 Oct 1, 1993                Aug 1, 1995

FB4                 May 1, 1992               Jan 1, 1993

EB1                All                                All

EB2                All                                All

EB3                Jan 1, 2007                Jan 1, 2015
EB3 OW         Jan 1, 2007                Jan 1, 2015

If you are legally eligible to ask for permanent residence without the need to leave the United States, AND if your Priority Date is earlier than the date shown in the far right column, you can file your application for Adjustment of Status on or after October 1, 2015.

BUT REMEMBER, you will not be granted Permanent Residence until your priority date actually becomes current.  Also remember that if you do file early, as allowed under this new procedure, you will later have to update your permanent residence application (i.e. tax returns, new medical) before residence is granted.

Check back later for updates!

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