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Thursday, April 24, 2014

No, Filipinos Cannot enter the U.S. Without a Visa

A post on the satire news site Adobo Chronicles, reported that the United States is waiving visa requirements for Filipino visitors as a reward for "making the U.S. look really good" in a survey of countries with a favorable view of the United States. 

Of course, the article was written in jest, as are all of the site's articles, such as, "Miley Cirus to Sue Kris Aquino", "Japan Offers to Buy Metro Manila....", and "Weapons of Mass Destruction Discovered on Mars".

However, enough people believed the article to call the U.S. Embassy in Manila, leading the Embassy to post a denial on their website.  It also explains the unusually high hit counts on this blog after the article was posted.

I found the article humorous, but there are times when these capers can go too far and people object to the content.  I will stay out of that discussion here, but this does give me a chance to acknowledge the contributions of the person who alerted me (and many others) to this story.

Angelita "Boots" Felixberto, a GMA7 news stringer in the Washington DC area, has a blog at where, as a community service, she continually updates a running list of the known Filipino events in the areas of  "DC, MD, VA, New England and continually expanding".

If you do not already send your own group's announcements to Angelita, consider it.  Just seeing so many quality activities listed in a single place speaks highly of the energies within the U.S. Filipino communities.

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